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The PostAllHere Full-Service Classifieds Experience!

Classifieds Basics
If you are not familiar with buying and selling online, here are the basics:
1. You download a classifieds app, make postings of things you would like to sell, or just scroll through other peoples postings to see things you might like to buy.
2. You then contact the seller or potential buyers contact you to try and find a place to meet up for the exchange.

If you are familiar with buying and selling online, then you already know the limitations that come with this process. For example:
1. Where do you meet up and how do you know it is a safe place to meet?
2. How do you know if the owner of the place is okay with you meeting there and will allow you to make your exchange without you having to be a customer for them as well?
3. How do you know if the person you are meeting is not trying to rob you or scam you with a product that is stolen or doesn’t work?
4. How do you buy things that are too big to fit in your car or that you have no way of transporting to your home?

What We Do
PostAllHere is the very first full-service classifieds...meaning, our goal is to alleviate those limitations. Our safe location at 921 FM 1960 Road West Houston Texas 77090 has:
1. Live video streaming and recording for security purposes
2. Customer support should you have any questions or need any help
3. Computer stations to check if products have been listed as stolen
4. Charging stations to check if electronic products are working before purchasing
5. Dollies to carry large items in and out of the store
6. A carrier section for finding someone to transport your purchases
7. A large, comfortable meeting area with tvs, free wifi and free water
8. Ready-made, generic bill of sales

We are open every day from 9am-9pm. Even if you buy & sell using a different platform, we still welcome you to meet here at our location for free. Your safety is & always will be goal #1.

Features available with PostAllHere free app

  • Non-stop live video recording for your safety

    Friendly staff eager to assist you

  • Free wifi and spacious meeting area

    Computer stations to make sure items are not stolen

  • Comfortable waiting area with TVs

    Standard bill of sales and other docs you may need

  • Picture station if you'd like a background for posting your products

    Stations for testing if products work before buying